Founded in 2002, Danlab is a company engaged in the import and distribution of chemicals, laboratory glassware and equipment, tools and medical consumables, as well as the equipment for sampling and decanting.

As a general agent and reseller in the territory of Montenegro, Danlab represents some of the largest world brands from the field of medicine, as well as scientific and research work in the area of chemistry, biology and pharmacy. We like to say that Danlab does not have buyers and suppliers, but instead we base our business policy on partnership. The fact that we have constantly seen an increase in the number of partners showed us that we are moving in the right direction, which made our business recognisable and resulted in the trust our partners put in us. Through partnerships we establish and maintain, we exchange skills, knowledge and experience, and thanks to such an approach we reach a high level and quality of corporation. Danlab is not just a regular distributer of quality brands but it is a long-term partner which may provide quality access to the market in the terms of logistics, marketing and sale support.

Reliability, professionalism, responsibility, flexibility, as well as precision and innovation are our values which we promote and strengthen at the company level. All the chemicals and medical products are licensed, as well as the storages and warehouses in which they are stored. We are honoured that after almost 15 years of doing business on the market, we are able to say that we have built partnerships and integrated our business in all the sectors of healthcare, industry, education, agriculture, etc.

The years of experience on the market and constant expansion of the range of products place Danlab among the companies with the best and safest sales networks, which is confirmed by the certificates issued of the Chamber of Commerce of Montenegro.

Sale Center: ul. Aerodromska bb
Warehouse 1: ul. Cvijetna 35
Warehouse 2: Zetatrans, Ćemovsko polje bb

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